One day I woke up and realized that my life no longer felt balanced. I was missing a part of me that had been buried under a professional career of spreadsheets and number crunching. My daughter would bring home pages covered in her creations, and I recognized that these were a gift to me in more ways than one. So, I began to collect her works of art and recycle them into beautiful handmade paper. This is how Purple Butterfly Paper came to be, from a personal path to mental wellness and a little girl that inspires her mom every day. 


Together, we collect items from our environment, and I turn these into paper, to help others express their own creative ideas. I continue to experiment with different inclusions and paper products, and love this journey that her and I are on together. My daughter and I were walking with a friend the other day, and she picked up a leaf off the ground to hand to me. Turning to the lady with us, she said in her proud little voice "my mom collects leaves because we make them into paper". Yes, my love, yes we do. 

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