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With the focus on reusing and recycling for all of the ingredients, the process to produce a small batch takes about 2 days total.  The paper items to be recycled are sized and soaked, the ingredients are then compiled and each sheet is formed one at a time. Once the sheets have all been created, they have to enter a press to set. Next, each sheet hangs to dry individually for about 24 hours, and then will be pressed a second time before being ready to go. A lot of experimentation and attention goes into the recipes for the batches, this can range from dried flowers picked in our garden, foraged autumn leaves, coffee grinds from my morning addiction, crayon drawings and other art pieces, gift wrap, old report cards, the list is endless. It is exciting to see the transition from vat of pulp recipe to finished sheets.


I hope you enjoy using these paper products in your creative expressions. Currently, I am open for custom orders, please see the custom order form in the shop. If you have a sentimental item that you would wish me to incorporate into paper, I look forward to discussing this with you. Like my daughter's drawings, I can appreciate often times the end results are more meaningful when the paper includes an item of value for you personally. Thanks for visiting my site!

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